Uri Ackereman is an established Director of Photography with vast experience and great passion for the art of filmmaking. Over the last 20 years, he worked on numerous Documentaries, Feature films and TV series. His latest work, the Drama TV series "A Body That Works", earned him a nomination for best Cinematography at the "Camerimage Film Festival" and has recentely been picked up by NETFLIX.
He is a 4-time nominee for his work as the DP, from the Israeli Television Academy and his films won numerous awards and were screened at major film festivals including the Talin Film Festival and The Series Mania in France. Some of his films were associated with Emmy awards, such as "Google Baby" directed by Zipi Brand and "The Brave Miss World" created by the acclaimed director Cecillia Peck. He is also a frequent collaborator of the acclaimed video artist Yael Bartana, having shot some of her most iconic works in Poland, Germany and Denmark.
Uri Ackerman currently lives in Summit NJ, with his wife and their 2 children.